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About The Author

He's a demon-busting Bishop turned Best-Selling Author. 

BISHOP CLIMATE is an internationally renowned seer, philosopher and a proven expert in the divinity. God has confirmed his ministry through powerful signs and wonders such as the restoration of hearing and sight, the dead being raised to life, disappearance of cancerous growths, recovery from mental illness and instant healing of AIDS and TB. Bishop Climate holds a PhD in Religious Philosophy and is the founder of The Kingdom Church, one of the most powerful deliverance ministries in Europe with a partnership of over 10,000 and offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, and Canada. 

He is the author of more than 50 books, including his famous Deliverance Series which was birthed out of his Popular weekly 3AM Deliverance Sessions. The series aims to instill readers with prophetic declarations, spiritual awareness and prayer points to help them break free from spiritual bondage in their lives. He has also written many other books that cover a variety of topics such as Finances, Spiritual Maturity, Dreams, Fasting, and his well-known "New Promises" book which is filled with scriptural declarations for different every areas of your life.  

He is the President of Prophet Climate Academy, an online school of prophets which provides educational, groundbreaking, life-changing courses to students anywhere and everywhere in the world. Visit us today at www.prophetclimateacademy.com  

He can be watched live each weekend through his Online Broadcast. Connect Today on Social Media or at www.bishopclimate.tv